About is one of the North America's fastest growing Local business directories. Our goal is to provide an accurate, usable source for people to find and research businesses in their Local communities. We've partnered with some of the Internet's leading Companies in order to provide our users with useful, relevant Local business information. While the leading search engines have to provide their users with answers to anything that might cross your mind, we don't. Our singular focus is to identify and curate Local business information so our users have unlimited, free access to accurate search results to their queries. Additionally, we're going through the process of "Verifying" Local business data, and not just the standard NAP information (Name, Address and Phone)... we're verifying NAP plus services offered, insurances, reviews, licenses and more. So when using our site be sure to keep an eye out for our "Verified" business listings, those are the ones we have directly contacted and verified.